Edward Hopper - Artist Biography with Portfolio of Prints, Posters and Paintings

One of America's finest artists from the 20th century - a talented painter with very much his own unique artistic style

Edward Hopper was the star of the American realism movement and famous for his atmospheric landscape and cityscape paintings.

The likes of Nighthawks and Gas indicate how the artist frequently used just a small splattering of individual portraits amongst a carefully orchestrated scene.

This was an artist who would use realism art techniques, but adapt what he could see into his own intepreted reality. In a way, it was almost a combination of American Realism with ideas from Impressionism.

It is widely accepted that the impressionists who impacted his work the most included Cezanne, Monet, Degas and Pissarro.

Hopper looked far beyond the French impressionists for inspiration and was a passionate follower of art history, all the way back as far as the Renaissance. Much of his early work used darker shades of the likes of Francisco Goya, Caravaggio, El Greco and Diego Velazquez. It was only later that brighter impressionist colours began to take over.

Edward Hopper was a complex personality, always battling with his own demons in order to make the most of his undoubted talents. The painter would try different locations for his work as he attempted to freshen up his motivation. Whilst achieving critical acclaim for much of his career, Hopper began to be superceded by the Abstract Expressionists in the 1940s. The likes of Rothko, Pollock and Willem de Kooning were now the latest craze for art fans.

The Abstract Expressionists would not distract Hopper from his chosen path, and his paintings continued along his themes of ciy life which seem to have connected well with the public for many decades since.


Gas is one example of where Hopper uses no people at all and the objects of the gas station serve entirely as the scene.

One can easily imagine what may have been going on in the lighted office to the right of the work and it would be interesting to know the location of the gas station, and whether it is still in use or not.

The mood throughout the career of Hopper is tranquility and a lack of activity other than with the main focus of each painting.

Many sources within the media have made use of the inspirational work of Edward Hopper including films and television programmes.

The artist is now well known internationally but he will always be most loved within America because of the style of his work and the way that it charmingly captures moments within American society of the past.

Many will get their own memories from seeing his paintings and it is easy to understand why so many are still interested in his career.

Rooms by the Sea

Room in New York

Room in New York featured above is a classic American scene and another popular choice as reproduction copy amongst his many fans.

Whilst being a realist painter, there is still the artist's own mark within each of his works, with a very personal view of American society at that time reflected in each and every painting.

Incidentally, Hopper also achieved success as a watercolourist and etcher but these have been somewhat forgotten in the present day.

The Whitney Museum of American Art is now the best place to head for those looking to appreciate the career of Edward Hopper, with it being gifted around 3,000 of his works from the family of the artist following his death.

Hopper had constantly struggled to achieve success within his career and it was only in later years that he managed to get substantial exposure, though today he has become a major American art figure.

Room In Brooklyn

Room In Brooklyn is one of several paintings produced by Edward Hopper which feature individuals looking out of their windows, normally with a landscape seen through the same window that they are looking out from.

This type of scene reflected the mood that Hopper displayed in his models, typically thoughtful and relaxed, enjoying whichever landscape the painter had decided to include.

Besides Room In Brooklyn, other paintings featuring this same set up of a model peeking out from their window, of from just outside of their homes include Western Motel, Carolina Morning, New York Office and Sunday.

Hopper's best known painting, Nighthawks, repeats this approach but with several individuals sat separately around a quite bar scene.

That again holds a background outside with no others around to ensure the focal point of the painting is obvious.

Lighthouse Porthead

Approaching a City

Cape Cod Morning

Ground Swell

Route 6 Eastham

Hills South Truro

Light at Two Lights

Edward Hopper Paintings

Edward Hopper paintings cover the American realism movement and Hopper is amongst the most popular artists from the whole of the 20th century.

This website covers the best paintings from Edward Hopper and also covers his life and career in detail.

There are photos of his work and also a fuller list further down the page of his back catalogue. You can buy Edward Hopper paintings here.

Edward Hopper was most famous for reflecting American life in a calming, stylish way which many find instantly charming and has helped his reputation to remain exceptionally strong up to the present day.

Hopper's original paintings are amongst the most reproduced of any American artist currently, most frequently as framed giclee art prints, posters and stretched canvases with customers choosing from a huge selection going back the artist's whole career.

Edward Hopper paintings typically cover American landscapes with a realist style that whilst accurate is also quite contemporary because of the colours that the artist used as well as the scenes that he would choose to cover.

In some cases there would be humans set within the scene as the main focal point, whilst in others it would be a true landscape piece within nothing to appreciate but the sprawling countryside or seascape.

Whilst part of the realist art movement, Edward Hopper always used a slight lack of detail or precision on his characters that adorned several of his paintings and this helped to create an atmosphere which felt relaxing and accessible.

His paintings consistently had very simple scenes which concentrated entirely on the mood of an individual at that time, as seen in Nighthawks, Sunday and Hotel by a Railroad.

The slightly blurred humans tend to draw the viewer in, curiously looking for more information on each scene.

List of Famous Edward Hopper Paintings

Please see below for a summarised list of the best Hopper paintings that are featured throughout this website.

  • Painter and Model
  • Bridge in Paris
  • Le Pont des Arts
  • Après-midi de juin
  • Les lavoirs à Pont Royal
  • Louvre and Boat Landing
  • The El Station
  • Summer Interior
  • The Louvre in a Thunderstorm
  • Le Pont Royal
  • Le Quai des Grands Augustins
  • Le pavillon de Flore
  • The Wine Shop
  • American Village
  • Squam Light
  • Queensborough Bridge
  • Soir bleu
  • Road in Maine
  • Blackhead, Monhegan
  • Stairways
  • Night Shadows
  • The New York Restaurant
  • Michigan restaurant
  • Railroad Crossing
  • The Mansard Roof
  • The Locomotive
  • House by the Railroad
  • Self-Portrait
  • Sunday
  • Drug Store
  • Lighthouse Hill
  • Coast Guard Station
  • Automat
  • The City
  • Night Windows
  • Manhattan Bridge Loop
  • Railroad Sunset
  • The Lighthouse at Two Lights
  • Chop Suey
  • Early Sunday Morning
  • Tables for Ladies
  • Corn Hill (Truro, Cape Cod)
  • House in Provincetown
  • Cobb's Barns, South Truro and Hartford
  • Dauphinée House
  • Room in New York
  • House at Dusk
  • The Long Leg
  • Macomb's Dam Bridge
  • The Circle Theater
  • Cape Cod Afternoon
  • Compartiment C, Car
  • Cape Cod Evening
  • Ground Swell
  • Gas
  • Office at Night
  • Nighthawks
  • Dawn in Pennsylvania
  • Hotel Lobby
  • Summertime
  • Solitude
  • Morning in a City
  • Rooms for Tourists
  • August in the City
  • West Palm Beach
  • Summer Evening
  • Pennsylvania Coal Town
  • Seven AM
  • High Noon
  • Conference at Night
  • Cape Cod Morning
  • Rooms by the Sea
  • Morning Sun
  • Hotel by a Railroad
  • Sea Watchers
  • Office in a Small City
  • South Carolina Morning
  • Hotel Window
  • Four Lane Road
  • Western Motel
  • Sunlight in a Cafeteria
  • Excursion into Philosophy
  • Second Story Sunlight
  • People in the Sun
  • A Woman in the Sun
  • New York Office
  • Sun in an Empty Room
  • Chair Car
  • Two Comedians